Managed Switches for Utility and Industrial Markets

Westell offers a line of temperature-hardened managed Ethernet switches designed especially for "edge" applications on the perimeter of the network where industrial devices are connected. 


ES7028G Series


High port density switch with flexible designs for field upgradable expansion

ES7012G Series


12 port switch with 8 Fast Ethernet and 4 gigabit uplink ports

ESP8100 Series


Managed Ethernet switch with best-in-class implementation of Power over Ethernet (PoE) and PoE+ which is fully managed on a per-port basis



3-port GigE industrial managed Ethernet switch with SiteVu™ Secure

ES8100 Series


Managed Ethernet switch available in 6 to 8 ports and features Westell's SiteVu™ Secure functionality

ES8000 Series


Managed Ethernet edge switch designed specifically for use in harsh environments on the perimeter of Ethernet networks