VirtualEdge® Panels


Westell's line of Ethernet connectivity panels are used to provide a standard interface for a variety of Ethernet/Gigabit and DS3 services that can be delivered to end-users in a 19" or 23" relay rack or data cabinet, or in a wall-mounted configuration. The panels provide 12 and 24 terminations. The Panels and Enclosures can be used to terminate any combination of 10baseT, 100baseT, DS3, SONET, or other services by selecting the proper Keystone coupler interface for any position. Our Panels can be equipped with rings and a tray for improved cable management.

VirtualEdge® Panels


  • After selecting panel size, everything else can be configured at the site
  • Eliminates expense for multiple termination panels to handle twisted-pair, coax, and fiber
  • Allows utilization of limited rack space for more revenue generating equipment
  • Supports pay-as-you-grow concept with modular adapters
  • Design facilitates delivery of custom configurations for customer specific applications


  • 12 port and 24 port circuit panels
  • Modular coupler adapters for 10/100 Ethernet, Coax, and Fiber connections
  • Flexible mounting options - wall mount or rack mount (19" and 23")
  • Easy circuit identification with magnetic label strip
  • Accessories to facilitate cable management and routing