Indoor Enclosures


Westell's VirtualEdge® Enclosure is a secure access Ethernet hand-off solution that offers flexibility to handle copper, coax, and fiber connectivity. It provides for up to 9 customer hand-offs. The VirtualEdge Enclosure's unique swinging bulkhead design minimizes the mounting footprint while giving both network and customer technicians adequate room for making terminations and managing cables. These features make the VirtualEdge Enclosure ideal for Fiber-to-the-Premise deployments and Ethernet services in multi-tenant buildings where tenants have access to common telephone facilities.

VirtualEdge® Enclosures


  • Utilizes the same couplers as the VirtualEdge Panels
  • Eliminates need for multiple units to separately handle CAT5e, Coax, and Fiber
  • Enables "pay as you grow" with the ability to add Keystone couplers when a circuit is turned up
  • Installation-friendly design with mix and match coupler option
  • Designed to allow expansion by mounting adjacent VirtualEdge Enclosures together


  • Flexible, secure customer hand-off
  • Built-in cable management spool
  • Provides multiple media options - CAT5e, Coax, and Fiber
  • Scalable design
  • Cable access via 5 rubber grommets, 3 on the Network, 2 on the Customer side