A History of Innovation and Service


1980 Westell, Inc. is founded. Primary focus is telephone signaling and transmission equipment.
1988 Westell creates the ConferencePlus business division and begins offering audio conferencing services.
1989 Westell pioneers T1 Networking Interface Unit (NIU). ConferencePlus, Westell’s multi-point telecommunications subsidiary, is incorporated.
1993 First ADSL products delivers video-on-demand.
1995  Westell launches its initial public offering. 
  Westell receives ISO 9001 certification.
1998 Bell Atlantic begins commercial deployment of DSL service using Westell technology.
2000  Westell acquires Teltrend, strengthening its high-speed voice and data transmission product lines. 
2001 Westell introduces its first integrated gateway products for high-speed residential and SOHO networking applications.
2003 Westell develops high-speed access technology that integrates both data and voice.
2005 Westell ships 15-millionth modem.
  Westell acquires HyperEdge, strengthening its Outside Plant business with systems to facilitate the delivery of telco network access products. 
2006 The International Engineering Consortium (IEC) bestows the prestigious InfoVision award for innovation on Westell’s MediaTerminal™ product.
2007 Westell ships 20-millionth broadband networking device.
  Westell acquires NoranTel, Canadian-based provider of power distribution, remote monitoring and network transmission products.
2008 Westell's UltraLine™ Series3 residential gateway is named an International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award Honoree.
2010 Westell’s HomeCloud solution is named an International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award Honoree.
2011 Westell completes the sale of its Customer Networking Solutions division to NETGEAR.
2012 Westell completes the sale of its Conference Plus subsidiary to Arkadin.
2012 Westell acquires ANTONE Wireless, provider of tower mounted amplifiers and other cell site optimization products.
2013 Westell acquires Kentrox, provider of comprehensive site monitoring, management and control solutions.